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--- Comment #4 from Akash Deshpande <fastakash at gmail.com> ---
Hi, I have been looking at this. A quick summary and a question:
1) I removed the changes by cloph (it was mentioned to be a hack and it
introduced more 'unhandled element errors'
2) I added List as an element to be handled inside List (nesting) - all
'unhandled element' errors for gluepoints went away
  Inserted the following into List.start_element()
        elif name == 'list':
            self.parse_child(List(attrs, self, self.isInTable))

3) In the ListItem.get_all() method, added a re.sub to insert '#' for
additional items for the inside list.
  Inserted the following: (some more code and comments but just a one line
summary here)
  text = re.sub(r'\n\s*#', '\n##', text)

Now, I get an extra '#' for all inside List members (instead of just the first
one, which is the case currently).  As far as I can tell, this will fix the
html files.

1) To be certain everything looks good, I would like to generate html files
from the wiki files.  Can you please tell me how to do this?
2) I still need to thoroughly test everything.  I am also doing some traveling
so I will need some more time.
3) There are other run time errors (unhandled element, key errors etc.) by
help-to-wiki.py.  The file also has 'FIXME' comments.  I will be happy to look
at them.

Thank you!

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