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Mockup for a new font substitution page

Here is a not so crazy mockup, hopefully.

I tried to combine all fonts into one table to not clutter the dialog with
controls. It has now an additional column "Global" which is unchecked when the
font substitution comes from the document. In case it has no replacement the
respective column would be blank.

Checking this option makes the substitution global meaning it is applied even
after the document was closed. The user can change this option until the
document is closed (therefore the lower checkmarks are disabled).

The mockup changes the current behavior with external controls and provides
inline editing. Also a WYSIWYG comparison as suggested by Shunesburg69 would be
nice (the preview column with icons that open a rich tooltip/floating frame).
The 'Add' button inserts another row; it is not really necessary as user may
advance after the last row.

I'm not entirely happy with the mockup. The checkbox is not the right control
to "move" items from one list (document substitution) to another list, and
always disabling them makes also not much sense. However, the interaction is
more or less clear to the user. But what I also dislike is the presumption that
users know what the opposite to checking an option is (not 'global' means it is
a document font; 'always' means to have it either substituted even when the
font is installed, screen only is obvious).

I wonder if checking 'Screen only' makes sense when Always is checked.

And finally there was a discussion how to show substituted fonts in the
dropdown (in italic). Don't remember the details but it would be nice to have a
similar visualization on places with the same information. Icons are a good cue
for that.

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