[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 52225] Greek symbols default to non-italic, need additional control of the GreekCharStyle property

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--- Comment #19 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
@john, *

> added a screenshot showing the font alignment problem. I am reporting it
> here because as with the Greek italic thing, there is no way to easily
> change the font for all Greek letters at once. It is a very tedious process
> using the buggy 'Symbol Catalog' dialog.

Correct, changing individual fonts via Specialized Symbols dialog in the Math
module is tedious--best to only use that to add additional defined symbols. As
is IIUC your edits are changing the font used Unicode codepoint assignments
found in http://opengrok.libreoffice.org/xref/core/starmath/inc/types.hxx

Fortunately, substituting an entire font (as in comment 13 ) is trivial. Done
from Tools -> Options -> Fonts: "Apply Replacement Table" checkbox and select
OpenSymbol on left and a replacement font (Cambria Math, Asana, Stix, etc.) on
right column--check button to add. Adjust the "Always" and "Screen" checkbox as
preferred and then OK to apply. Reenter the dialog, select and edit to try a
different substitute font (or remove to revert to default).

> (1) Can I also request that we move from OpenSymbol to Liberation Serif for
> the font? The kerning and font metrics stuff (I don't know quite the right
> words) are all wrong for OpenSymbol and don't work properly.

> To test/demonstrate this, observe the very poor formatting of the left most
> '%nu' in the following:
> { 1 over %nu } { %nu over {1 + %nu} }

No this is an issue with positioning of nodes composed with OVER and the greek
symbols--the baseline shifts. It is even worse on Windows builds with OpenGL
rendering (bug 99351). But, it affects glyphs for any font family in use.
Trying to fix this with a substituted glyph is the wrong approach, rather the
positioning code for composing these types of nodes needs to be tweaked to
compose correctly.

> (2) If we are changing the defaults for Formula behaviour, please also note
> that the default Formula settings add a large border/spacing around each
> equation. The result is that the formatting looks terrible for in-line
> equations/symbols.

You can modify the spacing from Tools -> Options -> Advanced: Open Expert
Configuration  and search for "StandardFormat", note you can make the font
assignments (other than font used for the Greek Symbols) there as well.


@Takeshi -- couldn't we add a StandardFormat stanza to Expert Configuration to
set the FNT_MATH, FNTNAME_MATH, FONTNAME_MATH variable there (default would
still be OpenSymbol) and not have to depend on the Fonts -> Replacement Table

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