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Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
There is no problem adding external sources. It works as before by adding the
path in Tools > Options > LO > Paths.
Assume you have:
Folder "myoffice" with files "one.ott" and "two.ott" and folders "Home" and
In folder "Home" is the file "three.ott" and the folder "Children".
In folder "Job" is the file "four.otp".
In folder "Children" is the file "five.otp".

If you add the path "myoffice", then the files "one.ott" and "two.ott", which
are directly in folder "myoffice", are shown in category "My Templates".
The folders "Home" and "Job" are shown as category "Home" and "Job". The file
"three.ott" is shown in category "Home" and the file "four.otp" is shown in
category "Job". The folder "Children" and its content is not shown.

That is the same behavior as it has always been. Nothing changed. Even foreign
templates like *.dotx or *.pot are detected and usable and manually created
folders in "myoffice" will be detected at least on the next start of
LibreOffice. Only the start center is a little bit confusing, because it
collects all templates of the selected kind from all categories.

If you want to make a document on a template, which is not in a path, that is
listed in Tool>Options>LO>Paths, that is possible too. Use File > Open. Then
the document do not track on which template it is based. That too is not new,
but is the same behavior as before.

The "import" enables you to copy an external template into users/template and
assign it in the same step to a category. That is convenient, because you do
not need to access the "users" folder manually, which would expect too much of
some users.

So I really do not understand, what this issue is about.

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