[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 101154] Change problematic "intellectual property" term

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--- Comment #2 from Heiko Tietze <tietze.heiko at gmail.com> ---
For all who hate youtube videos like me: the concerns are about the
classification toolbar (View > Toolbars > Classification), where "Intellectual
Property" is a label along with National Security and Export Control with the
options to flag as Non-Business, General Business, Confidential, Internal Only. 

"Confidentiality" sounds good to me (non native speaker).

But from the UX POV it's bikeshedding. Questions are rather:
* How to add more options? (department XY, lab Foo, person Bar)
* How to adopt to country/organization specific situations? (4th options like
read/write, comment, read only, share instead of Confidentiality, Nat. Sec.
* Why show a toolbar to just set a flag? (we would find alternatives to
reactivate the message panel)
* How to assign colors with flags? (red is am error, and classifying as
Internal might not always be wanted as such)
* Any relation between the classes? (when I want set the first options only, 
the others have an arbitrary value)

+ The toolbar is non-standard, misses transparency first of all, but is not
usable when placed at the vertical side.
+ Labels have no accelerator meaning the toolbar is not accessible for
handicapped people.

(No youtube video explains the use case, purpose, target group etc. And a
review needs these info. So I might be wrong on some points.)

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