[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 92902] Enhancement Request: Auto-Layout for flowcharts and automatic flowcharts from Calc / Excel

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--- Comment #5 from mrmister001 <mrmister001 at gmail.com> ---
Hi Heiko,
In 2013 I did a video demonstration, and posted it in Youtube. The video is
hidden, so only people knowing the link can access it.

Here is the video:

Please, share the video with the design team.
In the video I suggest an integrative solution, with a window called
"Automation". The window basically do what you describe, it handles lists,
which are considered tags... and it connect tags.
Also it is able to apply a different formating to the automation process.
This demonstration is even years ahead of yED. It is quite better, because give
you so much control of the diagram, making true automation in seconds.

I guess you are very busy, but please, I would love if you could grab 10
minutes, just to see the half of it, in which the feature is described.
It shows an approach very similar to the one you have in mind, I think.

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