[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 92902] Enhancement Request: Auto-Layout for flowcharts and automatic flowcharts from Calc / Excel

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--- Comment #10 from mrmister001 <mrmister001 at gmail.com> ---
Cool. Hire me as documentation specialicist !!! ;-)

Of course you can use this way to create mind maps and everything you want.
I work with theoretical physics many times, so I need to connect theories to
visualize maps.
Visualizing information is absolutely necessary for every flow chart, it has
applications in many areas, programming, organizational tasks, office,
management, academical, etc.
I don't know if have you used Gephi? for Data Visualization. I developed the
idea of the Automation window because it is easy to create everything you
want... and connect it. 
You type, you connect, you type, you connect, as easy as that.
HOWEVER, this idea need a SAVE BUTTON... to save the introduced data... or you
can avoid the save button and the introduced data then is recorded
automatically inside the Draw file.
Also, it would be cool if we add to the automation Window several presets for
an autoalign in the same style as yED. You can vary the way the flowchart
looks, just by selecting other approach to the organization.
In yED you have layout and then a lot of presets, hierarchical... organic...
orthogonal... circular... tree. That is pretty cool. We should have also
templates to organize the way the charts looks in the automation window.

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