[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 63994] Calc Multiline Input: Allow creating new line with Shift-Return

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--- Comment #14 from Óvári <ovari21 at gmail.com> ---
LibreOffice 5.1 on PC & Linux:
New line         Ctrl+Enter
Open hyperlink   Ctrl+Click

Google Sheets
PC          Open hyperlink   Alt+Enter
Mac         Open hyperlink   Option+Enter
Chrome OS   Open hyperlink   Alt+Enter
Ctrl+Enter seems to be a better fit than Alt+Enter to open a hyperlink as
Ctrl+Click with Firefox opens a link in a new tab (window). Similar, Ctrl+Click
in Calc opens the hyperlink in a new web browser window. Alt+Click does nothing
for a hyperlink in Firefox.

Suggested LibreOffice default shortcuts:

Open hyperlink   Ctrl+Click
   Stays the same
   Ctrl for both mouse(Click) and keyboard(Enter)

Open hyperlink   Ctrl+Enter
   Change current behaviour from new line
   Accessible without a mouse
   Ctrl for both mouse(Click) and keyboard(Enter)

New line         Alt+Enter
   Common spreadsheet defaults, see comment 9
   Whether disabled for certain modes could be discussed further

Default keyboard only shortcuts are able to be redefined in LibreOffice:
  Tools → Customise… → Keyboard
Not sure how to change the default shortcuts for keyboard&mouse, eg.

When hovering above a hyperlink in Calc, the text shows:
  Ctrl-Click to follow link:…
Suggested to change ‘-’ to ‘+’, i.e.:
  Ctrl+Click to follow link:…

Thank you

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