[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 99834] UI: tool bar: adding application/input line results in unusable button instead of input line like in formula bar

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--- Comment #2 from andréb <andr55 at laposte.net> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #1)
> Adding the "Input Line" button from the Application category of customizing
> a toolbar simply provides a movement button to position program focus into
> the Formula Bar's Input Line. It is not intended to create a new instance of
> the formula input widget. Not a bug.

If that is all that "button" is supposed to do, it doesn't seem to work, and is
of dubious use on a computer with a mouse.

> However, you can already hide the Formula Bar (which is *not* a simple
> button toolbar and so doesn't have button customization of other toolbars)

?? how does the formula bar differ from other tool bars (such as the format
tool bar) except for the single entry line field ??
The rest of the formula bar is buttons or drop-down lists.

> and then insert the button for the "Function" wizard. It is a pop-out dialog
> of course unlike the formula bar--but provides all the same integrated
> functions for manipulating cell/sheet formulas.
> It can be used without a button, reachable with the Calc short-cut of
> <ctrl>+F2, but if you want a toolbar button...
> As an enhancement, I'm not sure providing a toolbar widget for just the
> Input Line part of the Formula Bar/Function wizard for use in other toolbar
> customization makes any sense. Especially as you can already directly enter
> the simple formula the Input Line into the target cell, or review it
> graphically with a selection of the cell--what is gained by having the Input
> Line show in a toolbar other than the hiding the Formula Bar?

Then why have the input line field in the formula bar ?  It does display
clearly what is in the input field, often not clear in small cells.
If one doesn't want to see the other fields in the formula bar, why wouldn't it
be reasonable to add this field to another tool bar ?  This could allow
displaying tool bar items in fewer lines, thus freeing up screen space for the
cells + other apps.

As stated in the initial comment, being able to customize the formula bar would
also solve the problem.

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