[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 86350] CONTEXT MENU: Renaming 'Rotate Image' to 'Rotate & Flip' and add rotate and flip functions

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Mon May 23 14:25:09 UTC 2016


Heiko Tietze <tietze.heiko at gmail.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|                            |easyHack, needsDevEval,
                   |                            |needsUXEval, topicUI

--- Comment #2 from Heiko Tietze <tietze.heiko at gmail.com> ---
Only Writer has the rotate menu and lacks on flip. The image menu needs
harmonization. So my proposal is:

Rotate and Flip > 90° left, 90° right, 180°, -, Flip vertically, Flip
Position and Size > Original Size, Position and Size...
Style > Area..., Line..., -, Edit Style... (Remark: Graphic Style is available
only in Draw but should be also in the other apps)
(Writer, Calc) Anchor > To Page, Paragraph... / To Page, To Cell
Alignment > Align Left, Center Horizontal... / No selection possible
Arrange > Bring to Front, Forward One...
(Writer, Calc) Wrap > Wrap off, Page Wrap...
(Calc, Draw) Group > (Ungroup), Group (Remark 1: Currently, group is hidden
when only one item is selected. Better disable the menu item like in Calc.
Remark 2: Is it possible in  Writer as well?)
(Draw, Impress) Convert > To Curve, To Polygon...
(Impress) Interaction...
Insert Caption/Text... (Remark: Caption in Writer, all other Text)

Items to remove from the context menu:
(Writer) Properties... (Remark: No equivalent in other apps; Jumps to macro)
(Writer, Draw, Impress) Edit with External tool
(Writer, Draw, Impress) Replace...
(Writer, Draw, Impress) Compress...
(Calc) Edit Hyperlink...
(Calc) Assign Macro... (Remark: Although it's available in Writer it makes not
much sense there.)

This might be an EASYHACK.

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