[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 109301] Field > Insert > More Fields > Insert Formula behave differently when in a table, to when not in a table

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--- Comment #4 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
Outside a table a <text:expression> is generated, which is child of a
paragraph. This implies, that you can have text before and after the field.
Strg+F9 toggles between value and field view.

Inside a table an attribute table:formula of the <table:table-cell> element is
generated. The <text:p> element in the <table:table-cell> reflects the value,
so that consumers, which do not understand the specific formula language can
show the current value. It is not possible to have text around the formula.

If you have already text in the table cell and use this dialog, the text is
removed. But that is an restriction of the UI. You can copy a paragraph
including the field into a cell, and it will work the same as outside. (example
file will follow)

I think, that it is inconsistent and confusing, that the Insert > Fields > More
fields > ... way does not insert a <text:expression> element into the cell but
erases existing text, although a paragraph including such element works inside
a table-cell too.

The other way round is confusing too. The command .uno:InsertFormula (the icon
with fx on it or shortcut key F2) opens the formula input bar. If the cursor is
inside a table cell, the table:formula is inserted. That is the same behavior
as in Calc. But if the cursor is outside the table, the formula input bar
inserts a <text:expression> element. But inserting a field belongs to the
.uno:InsertField command.

My suggestion would be to make a strict distinction in the UI between
.uno:InsertFormula and .uno:InsertField and not let one behave as it would be
the other one.

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