[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 100537] Width and relative checkboxes disabled in Table dialog by default with automatic alignment

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--- Comment #11 from Adalbert Hanßen <adalbert.hanssen at gmx.de> ---
I tried this (With Libre Office and with Version Build
ID: e0bafa78e3ad0df397d78cd65ad19bd5b07dc5f2 under Linux):

Open LO Writer.

Make a table with 21 columns.

Go to the table properties dialogue in the tab "columns" and enlarge the width
of the first two columns to something larger than 3 cm. "Remaining space" was 0
before and remains 0 after this step.

Some of the adjacent columns to the right shrink to almost zero by this (they
shrink to 0,04 cm.  Those to the right of the shrinkage area remain unchanged).
This is my test case.

I left the table properties dialogue clicking the OK button.

I marked the table again and then is inquired its properties dialogue to enter
the tab "Table". As proposed, I switched Alignment from Automatic to Left. I
left the check-mark "relative" unchecked.

Then I went to the columns tab. Yes, the first two options "Adapt table width"
(German: "Tabellenbreite anpassen") and "Adjust columns proportionally"
(German: "Spalten gleichmäßig ändern") are no longer greyed out. If I check the
second one, the first one automatically gets checked too. 

But nothing happens to the displayed column widths, nor does anything happen to
the table and its columns. Even after I have left the dialogue (OK button),
nothing happens to the table. The columns do not become distributed equally!

I repeated the trial with Alignment Center in the Table tab rather than Left.
Same result!

Please fix this bug. 


BTW: From a logical standpoint, the question of alignment of the whole table
has nothing to do with the distribution of columns in it. All questions on the
alignment in the Table tab refer to the right and the left boundary of the
whole table. The distribution of columns within that range is an independent
issue. Therefore the overall structure of the table properties dialogue is
logical. However, the restriction is not logical at all to disable "Adjust
columns proportionally" in the Columns tab when Automatic alignment in the
Table tab is selected for the whole table. 

The best thing for the user would be to make the dialogue also available for a
selection of adjacent columns. If it is invoked for less than the whole table,
one should then disable the „Table tab“, but the tab Columns should still be
accessible. This would offer to the user the option to proportionally
distribute the column width between the left and the right boundary of the
selected columns or enter widths values for the selected columns, such that the
widths of the not selected columns remain unaltered in this dialogue. 

Apparently at the moment, setting a column width triggers adaptation of columns
to the right, if the maximum size would be exceeded. This is apparently done by
shrinking as many columns down to 0,04cm such that the total table width would
not exceed its maximum. 

If you accidentally enter a too large number, the whole table to the right gets
messed up! In order to repair it, you have to manually enter all column widths,
since „Adjust columns proportionally“ is currently not available.

If the width of the whole table (or the width of the selected columns) exceeds
its maximum, I would prefer to first leave it that way and indicate a negative
margin (possibly in red) in the field „Remaining Space“ and also I would
indicate the widths of the columns to the right which hit the right boundary
(of the selection or of the whole table) or go beyond it in red. The user might
want to correct his chosen column widths accordingly. Only when he clicks on
„ok“, a valid choice must be coerced (like it is done currently, but too early
in the decision process). 

If some columns shrink to almost zero then, the user may select them together
with some adjacent ones and re-enter my amended dialogue to select „Adjust
columns proportionally“ to the selected columns, leaving all other columns

I further propose to show the widths of the unchangeable (because not selected)
columns in the dialogue as greyed out and I would restrict the column selectors
such that they confine the user to display at most one greyed out column at the
left and at most one at the right of his selection. One might change the
headline to "Widths of selected columns" if the dialogue is invoked for less
than the whole table and leave it as "Widths of columns" (or whatever the
English version displays).

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