[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 74364] EDITING: Selecting multiple draw objects should show ( unselectable) handles for all objects

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Tue Aug 15 04:20:50 UTC 2017


--- Comment #11 from Mike B <mjbrady at acm.org> ---
ACD Canvas behavior is perhaps a little more intuitive. Selecting multiple
objects (with Shift-click adding them to the temporary group) simply activates
those objects showing handles on them. If you then click and drag one, they all
get dragged (i.e. members of the temporary group). If you resize one, they all
are INDIVIDUALLY resized the same amount. Etc. Clicking outside of any of the
multiple objects deselects them all. I kind of like that behavior, but then I
grew up with it in Mac then Windows.

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