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--- Comment #32 from Edmund Laugasson <edmund.laugasson at gmail.com> ---
Would propose to keep current version and possibly add a configuration option
to switch onto MS Office version of track changes and support also importing
while opening MSO document in LO with track changes made in MSO.

At least by my humble opinion I am satisfied with current track changes logic
and design in LO and would like to use it also in future like now.

Certainly this is fundamental difference how the track changes is solved in MSO
and LO - therefore it would be nice to have similar or same behaviour in LO
like in MSO.

There could be different options how to enable such behaviour like in MSO. One
option would be to add an effect that changes will not shown in text. Then
there could be an option while accepting/denying changes, allow to show them.
Another option would be to just switch completely to MSO way to track changes.

Currently there is a button to  show/hide changes (on appropriate toolbar
without turning on experimental features) - so if showing track changes
disturbs anybody - these can be just switched off and you will always see the
latest text with all changes as in MSO. At the same time there remains ability
to accept/deny changes whenever there would be needed to decide it.

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