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--- Comment #35 from Edmund Laugasson <edmund.laugasson at gmail.com> ---
To conclude I would say as follows. I tested track changes also in MS Word
2016. There is default mode exactly as in LO Writer currently - nothing is
displayed on right edge as there is simple mode by default. Only changed lines
will be marked on left as in LO Writer. I used other language version than
English and choice names here are not exactly as they might be in MS Word -
it's my free translation.

If to turn on track changes "full mode" then by default only attribute changes
will be shown as bubbles on right edge. If to turn on "show corrections in
bubbles" then you will see all corrections on right edge bubbles. There is also
a mode "show only corrections and comments in bubbles" which is also missing on

In my humble opinion managing changes in compact track changes management
window is very compact and comfortable way. But it would be nice to have also a
MS Word way as MS Word already has a LO Writer way.

These three bubble displaying modes (only attributes, all corrections, only
corrections and comments) are missing in LO and what people want. Implementing
these three modes into LO would be the first challenge for developers.

In addition in MS Word 2016 there is possible to choose what type of
corrections (bubbles) will be shown on edge (these three modes).

Also there is possible to choose persons, who's corrections will be shown. In
LO there is filtering in track changes management window but it works only for
filtering results in management window and not directly in text. This would be
the second challenge for developers.

in MS Word 2016 there is also a mode "show corrections inline" - this is
exactly the mode LO Writer is currently using.

In MS Word there is also an option to show only comments and attribute changes
in bubbles on right. That is feature I could not find in LO Writer. The most
important are comments and these can be managed currently in LO only in track
changes management window. This is certainly very compact and quick way and I
like it but it would be nice to have also that way as MS Word does. This could
be the third challenge for developers.

So I mentioned three challenges for developers by my humble opinion in order to
bring track changes onto level people probably want and why this bug report has
been created already so long time ago.

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