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--- Comment #42 from Thomas Lendo <thomas.lendo at gmail.com> ---
Since "Template Changer" at LibO's extension website isn't working as intended
(because 1) it doesn't link or change the template link that is visible in File
> Properties... > General > Template, 2) you got an error and some styles are
not updated and 3) the updated extension version 1.2.7d isn't available
officially), it's no argument anymore that an extension instead of a built-in
solution for the need described in this bug is the right way. (That is what I
hear when talking about Template Changer with others in the community.)

What a solution should be able to do:
- Loading of styles that are part of a template file (can also be done with
"Styles & Formatting" sidebar > Load styles...).
- Loading of header/footer that are part of a template file (cf.
- Loading of macros that are part of a template file.
- Updating the <meta:template> tag in meta.xml.
- Possibility to change the template via file menu and/or file properties
dialog with a simple file explorer search window.

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