[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 111957] Change the way to define relative vs absolute URLs

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--- Comment #3 from Cor Nouws <cno at nouenoff.nl> ---
(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #2)
> Additional, in the dialog Hyperlink a check absolute/relative should be
> offered (of course showing the same behavior on links that cannot be
> relative).

Additional2: one can also create links by

- Paste special > DDE
  In any case in a recent daily on Linux it work at least from
  - Calc to Writer - resulting in a table, and
  - Writer to Writer - resulting in a read only section
  Both links may be approached/edited via Edit > Links.

- Dragging from the Navigator
  If in the list below a file is opened, different than the one being
  edited, one can drag various elements to the active document.
  Drag Mode includes As Link and As Hyperlink.
  - in Writer one can drag (at least) headers and sections
    dragging as Link results in a protected section
    the links may be approached/edited via Edit > Links.
    dragging as Hyperlink results in a hyperlink
  - in Calc one can drag (at least) sheets and named ranges
    dragging as Hyperlink is the only one that I can select (in master)

NB 1. Edit > Links allows to edit linked images (local, web) and linked
sections in other documents, and DDE links.

NB 2. On DDE links:

NB 3. Not pretending to cover all details, but I think I have mentioned most)

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