[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 111809] New Calc split buttons to add/remove columns/ rows should remember last used option/feature

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--- Comment #5 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Gerry from comment #2)
> I see three main issues with the current implementation:
> (1) It mixes (very) frequently used features with substantially less
> frequently used features.

All of the frequently used functions are available in the context menu of the
column and row headers, so these buttons provide an extra means of accessing
these functions, but definitely arent the fastest means to do so.

> (2) In order to access a feature, it always requires two mouseclicks. This
> is a usability problem for the frequently used features. Frequent features
> should require a minimum number of mouse clicks.

We used to have 4 buttons instead of the current 2 group buttons that had
functions for insert row, insert column, delete row and delete column, but we
now have separate insert before and after functions for both rows and columns
and that would have required 2 additional buttons to be added to the toolbar,
so it is more useful to have fewer buttons with many sub functions.

> (3) The current two buttons duplicate the features "Up", "Down", "Left",
> "Right", "Random Number". This doesn't really make sense and confuses people.

These are less used functions and would only be confusing to people who dont
already use the feature.

> Hence, I suggest:
> Make three out of the two current buttons
> (1) ROW button (that remembers the last used feature) with the features:
> "insert row below", "insert row above", "delete row" | "hide row", "show
> row" | "row height", "optimal height"
> (2) COLUMN button (that remembers the last used feature): "insert column
> right", "insert column left", "delete column" | "hide column", "show column"
> | "column width", "optimal width"

Sounds reasonable as new split buttons to be created.

> (3) Cell operations button: making accessible the other features: "up",
> "down", "left", "right", "random number"

These are just fill operations and there are more useful cell operations, so
not so sure its useful for them to have their own group button.

> There is already another split button for the features "freeze first row", 
> "freeze first column". One could add the feature "row break" and "column
> break" there.

Didnt quite get where you wanted row and colum break to go.

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