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--- Comment #10 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
(In reply to Gabor Kelemen from comment #8)
> Stuart, I don't think these are used as keywords - I mean they are not saved
> to files.
> ...
> This is why I think we could safely display these strings localized - even
> if most of them is uncommon for normal users.

Right, and I understand that it would be mostly benign for any filter export of
the colors because we push the sRGB, in either decimal or HEX notation
depending on format, rather than the X11/W3C color name "keyword".

We don't make use of the X11/W3C color names other than in the picker for the
html.soc palette. Although we do use them in the import filters [note].

However in the context of the pallet chart, preparing compliant SVG or HTML/CSS
the tooltip color name should show the "keyword", and should not be localized,
using the name and color swatch to visually pick a standard color.

And if localized, once a color is set set the user will have no method of
identify compliant colors short of comparing HEX or decimal value of the color
against an external chart.

So I still believe the X11/W3C color label is what is significant here--and so
should not be translated for the html.soc palette.


If you run a query for the X11/W3C strings they are common in the filters. We
parse them in several import filters.

For example:




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