[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 114147] Better support for DE themes to support Night mode/ Inverted colors in the LO GUI

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--- Comment #7 from Denis <den_lin at posteo.de> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #6)
> LibreOffice already will pick up the colors from OS DE theme. It just has to
> be forced to do so.
> On Windows for example, forcing it to do so is done from the Tools ->
> Options -> Accessibility panel where the "Options for High Contrast
> Appearance" are located.
> Select the "Use automatic font color for screen display", and "Automatically
> detect high contrast mode of operating systems" checkboxes.
> For now, this is not a 100% solution as our fixed "high contrast" icons is
> an incomplete Galaxy/Elementary derivative only suitable for dark HC themes.
> Believe tweaking this mode to allow selection of other icons sets (i.e. Sifr
> Light, or Sifr Dark) but also to apply without requiring the OS DE theme
> signal for HC should should provide a full DE theme driven GUI within LO
> _without_ changing the application colors from default "automatic" settings.

You are talking about GUI. On my system LO already uses general (dark) OS DE
theme, as I have said in my opening message. I am talking about the document
colors: the document takes the most of the screen anyway and thus, the colors
in the document influence your eyes much more. What was discussed in the
previous two comments was using a custom theme for document repesentation.

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