[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 114147] Better support for DE themes to support Night mode/ Inverted colors in the LO GUI

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--- Comment #9 from Denis <den_lin at posteo.de> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #8)
> (In reply to Denis from comment #7)
> > 
> > You are talking about GUI. On my system LO already uses general (dark) OS DE
> > theme, as I have said in my opening message. I am talking about the document
> > colors: the document takes the most of the screen anyway and thus, the
> > colors in the document influence your eyes much more. What was discussed in
> > the previous two comments was using a custom theme for document
> > repesentation.
> What you request in OP is:
> "So, something like a filter that applies a CSS that inverts colors in the
> document (only visually, without changing the document). Even better if it
> would invert colors for the text and tables and significantly reduce the
> brightness of graphical elements (like images and diagrams) until they
> receive mouseover event."
> Arbitrarily inverting colors would not solve the general case. In fact LO
> already is capable of setting a visual theme for the document based on
> colors from the OS DE theme. But for bug 35365 [1] it was hard coded to
> COL_WHITE for DOCCOLOR and COL_BLACK for FONTCOLOR--regardless of DE theme
> in use.
> But that broke HC mode use for a11y, so in bug 71511 [2] LO now picks it up
> from the Accessibility configuration for HC (even if the OS DE is not
> flagged HC) and uses GetWindowColor() for DOCCOLOR and GetWindowTextColor()
> for FONTCOLOR under OS DE theme control.
> What is still needed is support of Dark themes for non-a11y use not bound to
> HC mode of the OS DE (as noted by Bjoern in bug 71511 #11), to support dark
> theme use. Those colors could be pulled from the OS DE theme, or could also
> have a different fixed color assigned. It would likely require another Tools
> -> Options -> View check box control.
> Point is those colors would either be drawn from OS DE theme, or would be
> generally fixed to support "dark" themes, but not be a simple reversal of
> the COL_BLACK & COL_WHITE now used.
> =-ref-=
> [1] https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/238/
> [2] https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/7484/

If what is currently discussed, with picking up DE theme and auto adjusting
accessibility options is solving someone's problems, that's fine - but it has
nothing to do with my original request (the name of which was different).

There were 2 main points: inverting all colors (ALL colors, not just black and
white) and the possibility to quickly turn it on/off.

Concerning the second:

"It would be nice if LibreOffice had some kind of "night mode" that when turned
on would draw the picture of the opened documents with inverted colors"
"when turned on"

"qpdfview has a hot key that inverts colors for the opened documents, maybe the
same could be implemented in LibreOffice?"

And concerning the first: the whole point is inverting ALL colors, because no
theme is going to account for all colors that can be assigned by the sender of
the document manually

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