[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 114246] FILEOPEN: Read-only file is open with design mode enabled.

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--- Comment #5 from Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel at mamane.lu> ---
For full clarity: The user needs to go _once_ in edit mode, configure the
document to open forms in non-design mode, save the document, and from then on
the "problem" is solved _forever_ for this document. Or do that at the same
time he sets the document to open in read-only mode.

Indeed, before 2014 my patch, read-only document had form design mode
artificially forced to off. Since these are two orthogonal (independent)
settings (and behaviours), it seems clearer and easier to me to understand what
happens if they are kept orthogonal. Maybe that's too geeky a worldview, and
I'll respect the UX's team opinion on that.

*But* note that just reverting the relevant hunk from my patch (file
svx/source/form/fmview.cxx method FmFormView::Init) will create problems for
Base form documents (which are Writer documents embedded in an odb container).
That is because Base form documents do _not_ have a switch to go to edit mode
once they are in read-only mode _unless_ they are in "form design mode". So
forcing form design mode to off in read-only mode leads to an inescapable
situation where the form document can never be edited again. See bug 44081 for

Maybe we could do it the other way round for Base form documents: ignore their
read-only property when they are open in edit / form design mode. That could be
workable and give another (quite natural) way out of the inescapable situation.

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