[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 69993] PRINTING: Option "view zero values" does not affect the page style option "print zero values"

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--- Comment #13 from csongor at halmai.hu ---
In the beginning it was not clear for me where to find these checkboxes so if
somebody has the same problem then here is the precise location of them.

The Tools -> Options -> Libreoffice Calc -> View -> Display -> Zero values
- is an application-wide setting and 
- determines whether the zeros are to be shown or hidden _on_the_screen_.
By contrast, the Format -> Page -> Sheet -> Print -> Zero values 
- is a setting with the scope of the current file and 
- refers to print or not to print zero values.

It is obvious that the current behaviour can be confusing if the printed
content is different than the one on the screen. 

I personally cannot see the benefit of hiding all the zero values globally in
all documents so I think the Tool -> ... -> Zero values is useless in its
current shape, therefore, it should be removed.

On the other hand, the Format -> ... -> Zero values setting has its benefit but
the location of this setting is not the best, nor the usability.        

I think whether to display zero values or not, it should be a toggle switch
under the View menu, for example: View -> Show Zero Values, similarly to the
View -> Formatting Marks in Writer. The reason is that in most cases it is not
a per-document setting. It is much rather a per-moment setting. I want to see
the zeros _now_ and don't want to see them a minute later. This setting should
not be saved into the document but its current value should impact both the
screen and the printed versions.

If the user wants to have _saved_ settings for hiding/showing zero values then
they should use conditional formatting on the appropriate cells (or all of the
cells). Format -> Conditional formatting -> Condition -> "Cell value is equal
to 0, Apply style -> Hidden". 

(The Hidden style should be defined at first with Apply Style -> New Style ->
Organiser -> Name = "Hidden", Numbers -> Format Code = "")

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