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--- Comment #7 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
Special problems in the proposal 2017-12-17, but see below too:

(A) "Modify" for Fonts is a drop-down-list not a button. A click on an item in
that list opens a new dialog.

(B) "Default" for alignment is lost.

(C) "Default" for spacing does no longer apply to single Spacing categories.

(D) It is not clear, what "Excess Size" for "Scale all Brackets" means, because
the image, which explains it in the current dialog, is missing.

(E) "Spaces" has a different meaning than "Spacing". Here it is "Spacing".

(F) The scope of "Scale all Brackets" is unclear. Using that option for all new
documents is no longer possible, because its "Default" button is missing.

I see no advantage or improvement compared to the current implementation.

The proposal does not address current problems. Such problems are IMO e.g.: 

(1) The drop-down-list at the single font categories does not open a list of
the installed fonts, but a list of the fonts which has been already set in the
current session.

(2) "Modify" for Fonts has two steps, first selecting the font-category, then
selecting font and style.

(3) The buttons "Default" are unclear until you use them. The label "Default"
creates the impression, that changes, which the user has made are reverted and
the default settings of LibreOffice are used. But it is the other way round,
the user settings become default for new formulas.

(4) The scope of "Default" is unclear, which "new" formulas are affected? In
current module or in all modules? In current session or in future sessions too?

(5) "Spacing" has two steps, first selecting the category, then making the

(6) Reset to "factory defaults" is missing.

(7) There exists no way to use different sets of settings for the individual
modules. For example Writer needs always different font settings than Impress.
Even a simple save/load settings is missing.

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