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--- Comment #9 from zyklon87 at web.de ---
Well, you’re complaining about icons being too small, while in the current
implementation, there aren’t any at all…? Additionally, these headings with
icons would then look like the current LO menu implementation, which fulfills a
pretty similar purpuse (making settings accessible via a menu structure).
There, I also don’t see a downside of icons next to the text.

Still, you could of course do that with big icons and sub settings menus, like
you proposed. But I really wouldn’t do modes at all, because a lot of users
(like me) activate that instantly, just for not missing anything when searching
for a setting (and never deactivate it again). Additionally, you’ll have two
completely different settings windows, depending on which mode you’re in, what
makes it pretty complicated to find/remember a setting, and is confusing at

Instead I’d rather do an “Advanced” Settings page with sub-settings, for having
no mode conflicts and a user then learns faster, what’s in there and if he/she
needs to (ever) look into it. When you have modes, it’s far harder to learn if
you need expert mode or not. And I’d call that mode “advanced” instead of
“expert”. ;)

I append my proposal for a new Gnome Builder settings UI, I did last week. What
do you think about that? On the left pane, you’ll have the main categories
(with big icons if you like). And then you have a GtkStackSwitcher at the top
of the main view for sifting through sub-settings. This way you don’t need to
“get back to the upper menu layer” (with the main menus being hidden), and you
also don’t have big structures/trees. With everything being split in a vertical
main menu and a horizontal sub menu, you’ll also recall setting’s locations
faster than in any kind of tree or mode.

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