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--- Comment #4 from Matt <adlard.matthew at gmail.com> ---
Many times people in specific professions need specialised dictionaries that
are focused on the type of writing they do. The current personal dictionary
system is that you can load your own words into a personal dictionary, however
if you are working on projects that require specialist words, then currently a
massive personal dictionary either slows down the system, or LO will not allow
all the words.

While you can load specialist language dictionaries like French, Greek, English
you cannot set up specialist word ones, like Medical, Engineering, writers,
Physics, Chemistry, etc. Nor is their any way inc LO software to develop new
Dictionaries for this, and this is a big issue for any profession that requires
specialized words.

While One appreciates basic English/American is ok for some the need for this
is as one has seen with quiet a few people and organisations from either
working with or talking to online a factor which makes OS Libre Office a non
viable option with regards office implementation or system implementation inc
funding as a cheaper and more ethical alternative to Microsoft Office which
currently does allow for specialised Dictionaries and actively helps users and
organisation/Universities and businesses develop them.

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