[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 95563] enhancement request: Specialised user Dictionaries

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--- Comment #6 from Matt <adlard.matthew at gmail.com> ---
So by doing this I can create or others can create a custom dictionary for a
specific field of endeavour like mechanics, engineering, Biology, Physics and
share it nationally.

Unfortunately not all of us are programmers and so the how tocreate a
dictionary is it seems fraught with difficulty and one has tried googling it
but same applies lots of custom personal ones but nothing on how to create and
propergate one or more.

If their was an App/Gui Program that allowed you to dump your custom words,
create a description, fill in some of the gaps non OS bits like Creative
Commons bits and such then that would help as it could allow those specialist
in the field of their studies to create custom dictionaries quickly and in the
correct format for LO.

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