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handles added for start and end point

(In reply to sportegioco from comment #7)

> I ask you if it is possible only get the arrow, without the rectangle
> around. Like a connector, but without connecting anything.

No, that is not possible for custom shapes. A custom shape always works on a
kind of rectangle as basis. It has "svg:x" "svg:y" "svg:width" and
"svg:height", which defines position and size of a rectangular area. This
defines those edges, where you see the blueish handles, if you select a custom
shape. All lines and areas of a custom shape are defined relative to this
rectangular area.

You can get a handle for the start and/or end of the line in the custom shape,
but the rectangular area remains. Those shapes are in the attached document.
Don't forget, that you can stretch, rotate and shear the shapes to fit them to
your drawing.

If you need pure lines you better use the curve and adjust the outline in point
edit mode. You do so well with the curves, that I wonder why you need the
special yellow custom shape handles at all.

> Also I need an arrow with the wavy line style that I can move lengthen and
> shorten as a normal arrow with the style of a straight line, like the one I
> reported in the attached file.

A wavy line as line style is not implemented. If you look at your example in
point edit mode, you see a lot of points. In a custom shape each of this points
need to be defined in its mathematical coordinates and only a fixed number of
internal points are possible. There exists no possibility to adapt the number
of "waves" to the length of the line, so that it looks similar in different
lengths. But I agree, to have a wavy line style would be really good, for all
kind of lines. The request is already in bug 66587.

> If you did not understand well, I can attach a video explaining the arrow I
> need.

I'm not the person to implement a wavy line style or other kind of lines. Put
for a developer it is important to be very clear about the requested feature.
Therefore such video would be good.

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