[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 104154] Add list view to template manager

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--- Comment #5 from Akshay Deep <akshaydeepiitr at gmail.com> ---
Hi Samuel, Abhilash,
I can think of a slightly different approach here. It will be good to subclass
SvSimpleTable class to create a custom widget which displays lists of templates
along with their properties. All the features can be implemented in the custom
widget similar to TemplateLocalView. It can then be dynamically shown or kept
hidden according to the user preference.
Similar work of creating a custom list view has been seen here:

when the user switches from listview to thumbnailview or vice-versa, controls
can just be reloaded. See-> TemplateLocalView::Reload and a similar function in
the list view widget has to be implemented.

After this is done, other tasks such as move, copy, delete, rename, search, etc
can be implemented to the custom listview widget.

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