[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 88470] [UI] inserted images should be named with their filenames not just numbered

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--- Comment #3 from LibreTraining <libretraining.tutorials at gmail.com> ---
I came here looking to add this enhancement request myself.
Really unfortunate this has been sitting here for 2 years.

It would seem that this would not be that difficult to add.
The file name is available and just has to be entered into the name field
instead of a useless generic number.

When working on long documents we can have many, many images.
Because of this we usually have some sort of naming convention to help identify
all of them. 
All that is lost as soon as the image is inserted into the document.
That's just silly.

The current situation makes the Navigator image list essentially useless.
There is no useful image information there.

Just open any of the LibreOffice documentation ODT files, open the navigator,
and you will see a long list of useless generic image names.

In the v5.1 Getting Started Guide the last image name is Image409!
That is not useful.

Same for the OLE objects.
The last OLE object is named Object59.
It should just default to the object name as it is being placed.
Much better usability.

Same with Drawing objects.
"Shape2" is useless.

The assume the goal of the Navigator is to be able to quickly find elements of
the document, and then navigate to them.
Currently for the Images, OLE Objects, and Drawing objects the navigator is
essentially useless.

Please consider moving this enhancement up in the queue.

P.S. I am currently working on a documentation project titled "Creating Long
Documents with LibreOffice Writer 5.3" ... and would really like to be able to
describe the enhancement and not the annoyances.

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