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--- Comment #14 from Christian Lohmaier <cloph at documentfoundation.org> ---

1) The logo with "The Document Foundation" should not be the one in the
sources. It's reserved for the ones allowed to use the trademark.
 (there should be a version with the tagline for the official builds)

2) having "LibreOffice" centered next to the "page" logo is different from 
our own branding guidelines/community logo, and the spacing betwen the logo and
the text seems a little off:


as to what ideally should be provided:

for source:
splash image without "TDF" tagline
splash image without "TDF" tagline with development build (or something

having only the development build variant available for this case would be OK
as well I'd say (anyone who provides builds to end-users/customers will likely
have their own branding applied).

for releng/not part of source
splash image with TDF tagline
splash image with TDF tagline and development build (or beta/alpha for that
matter) - not that critical though.

If the about or e.g. windows installer logo also include the official logo,
same thing applies: In source without TDF tagline, but for releng version with

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