[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 83071] UI: User interface for outline numbering is confusing with possibilities offered both at Format >Paragraph ... Outline numbering and at Tools>Outline numbering

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--- Comment #29 from Albrecht Müller <albrecht.mueller at astrail.de> ---
(In reply to Regina Henschel from comment #28)

Thank you for the explanation. I hope I will remember it when I need it next
time - maybe next year. This can save me the work to set all the outline
formats individually but still requires two operations per file: Importing
styles and selecting outline formats.

I noticed the "Format" button only after I had finished my work. It was not
immediately clear how this works: There is a "save as" option but no
corresponding "load" option. So I did not invest additional time trying to find
out how this mechanism works.

I assume that this process could be automated using the UNO interface.
Unfortunately I did not find good documentation and/or tools that allowed me to
locate the necessary objects and methods within some reasonable time span.

> [The UI is confusing :( ]

The following is based on my incomplete understanding of the mechanisms, so I
may be wrong.

An important source of confusion is the fact that there are two ways of
attaching numbers to paragraphs: Outline numbering and list styles. From a
practical point of view the main difference between the two is that the former
will appear in the table of content and the latter will not. But they are
implemented as two independent features with separate user interfaces and
storage mechanisms. The user interface tries to make sure that each paragraph
uses at most one of these mechanisms. This leads to strange interactions, e.g.
you can use the button "Toggle Numbered List (F12)" on some paragraph that
participates in outline numbering. This seems to copy the content of the
numbering style into the corresponding level of the outline numbering format.
You may be tempted to define two different list styles, one for the main text
and one for the appendix and to apply them to headings. I guess this will not
work because the list styles will be mapped to outline numbering which does not
support two different styles for the same outline level.

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