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--- Comment #10 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Bastián Díaz from comment #9)
> why? You say it as if the interfaces in LO were something static, even the
> default layout is dynamic. There are elements that are only found in the
> sidebar or will follow that path. 
> If only showing the tab bar of sidebar by default, you gain more space by
> showing a 16:9 slide than a 4:3 slide.
> https://cloud.woelkli.com/s/z13YdEk4RImhjee

Not a usable default layout, as the user would have to open up the sidebar to
get any real work done.

> On the other hand, it is not a real problem using different configurations
> of the default layout using a 16:9 page format (note: the size of the
> sidebar is the one that brings by default LO).
> https://cloud.woelkli.com/s/amf5az6HWlCtwtm

Cropping the elements in the open sidebar or having the sidebar only show the
tab bar arent usable default layouts.

> I don't think you should not use a new page format simply because the
> default layout has less space to work, but instead, adapt the elements of
> the default layout to embrace the new format is the way.

If there is a feasible means to adjust the default layout that would permit a
16:9 template to appear good, i'd be more than glad to accept it, but i havent
seen one.

> Also
> consider Apple Keynote, MS Power Point and other presentations apps also
> have a slide pane and a sidebar using the 16:9 format by default for years.

Powerpoint doesnt have a sidebar, it has an optional/advanced formatting pane,
and when the pane appears or is resized, it dynamically shrinks the slide pane.
Keynote has a fixed size sidebar (270px), while Impress' sidebar needs a
minimum of 20% more width to appear with non-cropped controls.

> On the template selector I agree, but it is not so on the default page
> format. The dialog for selecting templates is optional and shows both
> options, however, the default format remains 16:9 if nothing is selected. 

These apps require you to select a template before you can enter the apps and
it isnt optional.

> IMHO I think it is not good to show templates of different formats on one
> page. For example, Apple Keynote shows a set of common templates and a
> combobox that allows you to select the resolution of these (changing the
> aspect ratio), even if the resolution is changed, the same set of templates
> is displayed.

Yes ideally we should filter templates by their aspect ratio in the future. We
can replace the disabled 'Filter by Application' control.

No need for us to go back and forth any more. Lets hear from others who have
been CCed for their opinions.

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