[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 34355] Use margins to track changes

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Sun Jun 4 06:01:07 UTC 2017


--- Comment #29 from BenoƮt Robin <benoit.robin at hoshikaze.net> ---
I personally gave up using LO for novels, short stories and RPG editing just
because of that blatant lack of an essential feature.

So each time Ubuntu gives me a LO update (so far 1:5.2.5~rc1-0ubuntu1~xenial0),
I check that, but there's no usable change-tracking, and I go back to Windows
and Word, infuriated.

IMHO, this is a no-brainer : anyone professionally using a text editor needs to
track changes, and displaying changes in the text itself makes the text
unreadable, and therefore the whole change-tracking feature unusable.

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