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Yousuf Philips (jay) <philipz85 at hotmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #14 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Marco A.G.Pinto from comment #0)
> Here is a sketch of how it should look like based on Microsoft's.
> Something like this should appear when one does PASTE into a document.

Would definitely be against such a large size like you have in your mockup, but
a smaller one like MSO[1] does make sense only when pasting with Ctrl+V, as it
would bring attention to other pasting options for beginners, though dont
forget some people will be annoyed by it[2].

[1] https://www.groovypost.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/image217.png


(In reply to Aron Budea from comment #5)
> If you're a novice user who tries to put some data inside a table from Calc
> into Writer, what do you do?

Most novice users will paste as is and change it to their liking, while others
who dont want the default pasting will likely paste unformatted text and then
change it to how they like it.

> While I agree that having the option of several choices is good (though I'm
> not convinced all of them make a lot of sense in this particular example),
> having a basic dialog with the most meaningful choices that are easy to
> interpret would be extremely helpful, with the option to switch to the
> current, "expert" dialog.

That will hopefully be dealt with in bug 89453.

> Additionally, I believe LibreOffice's choices don't have the "Merge" option
> that is in the suggestion, so the question whether or not that could be
> useful to implement is still open.

Merge has been suggested in bug 83102.

(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #13)
> But IIUC, we do not have a "sturcture" available to us for a "smart tag"
> that opens, allows selection of an action, and then "fades away"...


> Rather believe we are limited in doing this cross platform to pop-up
> dialogs, or tooltip like widgets.  

Could be implemented as a floating toolbar with a single button in it, but devs
would have to see what is feasible.

> I really see no reason to waste dev effort to implement such.

Personally I agree with you and believe this should be closed as WONTFIX, but
if a dev wants to take it on, we shouldnt stop them from doing it, as it does
have some benefit for new users.

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