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> (In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #10)
> > 
> > Nice checkbox :)
> > Use of that hás to interfere with the applied page style, and you maybe want
> > it not to appear if the header/footer is encounterd on a page > #1 ?
> Cor, it must appear not only on page #1, because theses (plural of thesis)
> and books usually have two covers, the main and the page after it is also a
> kind of cover without page number.
> In my dissertation (masters) and in my thesis (PhD) the first two pages
> (covers) don't have numbers.

The "use different content on first page" only works with the very first page
of the document. If you need a more complex structure (the first number of
pages without header nor footer, no header or footer on the first page of every
chapter or different header/footer content on index pages, just to name a few
examples) then you need to use a sequence of page styles, some of them
associated with paragraph styles (for the second example, "Heading 1" apply a
"page break, before" with a change to "First page" page style and "First page"
is followed by some "Chapter body" page style). IMO, these tasks are too
complex for a simple context menu. When you add (or delete) content from
headers and footers you are actually modifying the current page style, and when
you move from one style to another you need either a page break or a well
defined style sequence: there is no such a thing as direct formatting for pages
on Writer (and that's a good thing!). 

The way in which pages are handled by Writer is robust, logical and even
easy... once you understand how the whole thing works. The problem here is that
new users see they can add headers and footers from the Insert menu or even
directly from the page itself and thus they think it's some kind of direct
formatting, when it's not. They get quite confused when you say to them "no,
you need to define everything about the page on the page style dialogue, except
of course the header/footer content that needs to be done by hand on the page.
But don't think you are doing direct formatting! You are not! That modify the
page style too!"

I've been explaining how to use Writer for the last decade (of course, not in
the terms of the previous paragraph ;) ). In my experience page styles is, by
far, the concept that users have more trouble with, and that's because the UI
does not help to understand the concept. In fact it adds confusion.

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