[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 83071] UI: User interface for outline numbering is confusing with possibilities offered both at Format >Paragraph ... Outline numbering and at Tools>Outline numbering

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--- Comment #27 from Albrecht Müller <albrecht.mueller at astrail.de> ---
Use case example:
Goal: Some documents (generated by an UML tool) should get a common layout. 

Idea: Open one of the documents, edit templates (F11), save it. Open each of
the other documents and copy these styles (Styles -> Load Styles -> From File
...) from the first document. 

Result: Worked for me except that the other documents did not show chapter

Analysis of the Problem: Open the document that shows chapter numbers and
another that does not. Select two corresponding heading lines in both documents
and open the paragraph style heading dialog boxes to compare settings. Writer
did not like the idea of two open dialog boxes and crashed. I did not bother
trying to reproduce the problem
so I cannot describe the exact circumstances that led to the crash. After some
searching for differences I realized that I will not find any as outline
numbering is something not covered by paragraph styles.

Solution: As I did not find a way to copy the outline numbering options I
opened each document and entered the outline options level by level. No way to
automate this: The macro recorder did  not save the data I entered.  I tried to
find a direct access to the necessary functionality in the com.sun.star
hierarchy. This was too time consuming and I gave up. :-(  

Observed with Version:, Build ID:

Of course this example should be split up into the following bug reports:
-  A second open style dialog on different documents blocks the first one
- Description of a crash report (maybe related to two open style dialogs)
- Macro recorder does not record settings entered into outline numbering dialog
- Did not find a way to copy the outline numbering settings (maybe there is a
way to do this but I was not able to find it)
- Load styles should have an option to include the settings of outline
- Poor documentation (Source code in crash report, com.sun.star interfaces
- User interface language does not affect the pop-up window in the Styles and
Formatting dialog (I switched the User Interface to English but the pop-up
remains in German and shows "Neu..., Ändern..., Verbergen"

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