[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 34355] Option to show track changes in margin is missing

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--- Comment #40 from BenoƮt Robin <benoit.robin at hoshikaze.net> ---
Hi all,

Just filed bug #118660, didn't have the right seach keywords, then I changed
keywords and found this one, which is basically the same. This is my second
time in the LO Bugzilla, 1st time was years ago for the same reason, and I
still use only MS Word instead of LO Writer for writing novels and short

I just want to understand why this feature, which has already been demanded
many times along the years, hasn't been done yet, particularly as its lack is
steadily reported, year after year, as a major roadblock for LOW adoption in
place of MSW...

Upon reading some comments, it seems it's linked with a global refit of the
Change Rendering System, whose full feature set is still undecided. As the
major blocking issue for MS replacement with LO is dealing with deleted text,
shouldn't it be possible to display only deleted texts in balloons, leaving
further elaborations on the Change Rendering System for when the topic matures

Apart from that, is there a technical issue ? Some other undecided questions
with conflicting opinions that block the decision process ? A patent somewhere
making the balloons unusable ? I just can't figure what could be that blocking
on such an important feature !

Thanks in advance if anyone has a clear vision of the situation about this
issue ^-^

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