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--- Comment #14 from Mike Kaganski <mikekaganski at hotmail.com> ---
I like Csongor's proposal very much!

One thing though. The character's "Default Style" itself doesn't define
anything at all. There are no settings there IIUC. And it is not always there
at the bottom of the character properties hierarchy. Actually,
Character-related settings of *Paragraph properties* are there, and those
properties are what is being overridden by higher layers. And the Paragraph
properties consist (from top to bottom in terms of Csongor's proposal) of
paragraph's Manual formatting, and Paragraph style.

The ability to *disable* (uncheck) some direct formatting or styles looks like
an extension to ODF (at least I don't know how to disable that at the XML
level). I'd suppose that deleting makes sense, an well as dragging style to
reorder, and possibly dragging styles from style pane if they can be shown
simultaneously. Possibly the default character style still makes sense as a
(greyed out) single-line entry right above the Paragraph properties, to make it
consistent when the last applied non-default character style gets removed, that
one would still stay (instead of appearing only in that case).

Possibly it also makes sense to delete direct formatting of paragraph's
character-related settings from the character settings explorer. That would
make it more universal. And of course, being able to launch the related style's
editor dialog is something intuitive.

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