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--- Comment #10 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
"Document" in the hyperlink dialog means, that the target of the Hyperlink is
e.g. a bookmark inside a text document or a slide inside a presentation. With
the field 'Path' you select the document and with the field 'Target' you select
the target inside the document.

You should never insert something manually into these fields, but use the
button at the right side of the input field. LibreOffice will automatically
generate a suitable syntax. This is especially important, if the path has
spaces or special characters.

Are you sure, that LibreOffice can play the video? Use Impress and
Tools>MediaPlayer to test it.

The expected way to link to a Media is to use the MediaPlayer. Open the file in
the MediaPlayer and then click on the "Apply" button, that will add a dummy
shape for the media. In edit mode you find 'Media Playback' in the sidebar,
when you have selected the dummy shape; in presentation mode it will play
automatically, when the slide is shown (that implies one media per slide).  

Or alternatively, for Audio you can use an Interaction "Play Audio" on a shape.
For Video you can use an Interaction "Run program" to start a separate

On Windows the links are relative as default, as long as the place of the
document and the link target are on the same drive, even if in a dialog the
link is shown as absolute. So no need to worry about it. If you have document
and media file in the same folder, you can test it easily: Close document,
rename the folder, open the document and the links should still work.

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