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--- Comment #12 from muso <uwestoehr at web.de> ---
> Are you sure, that LibreOffice can play the video? Use Impress and
> Tools>MediaPlayer to test it.

This works, but not with my particular video file. I know that LO needs a
suitable codec for this. However, this is not the bug I reported here.

The bug is that LO doesn't allow me to insert a relative file link. I have
special files I need to open from within my presentation. E.g. I use a special
math CAS program. I need to click on the link to the relative path to my CAS
file to open it with the program defined in the PC settings to open that file

With LaTeX such a link is easy to create - either use the "file:" prefix or the
"run:" prefix to assure that the linked file is executed not only opened. I
attached an example PDF showing that this works. Thus the PDF format
understands all URI's:
but LO doesn't allow the user to use them. LO only supports "http(s):" and

I don't see a reason why LO doesn't allow the usage of the other defined URI's.

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