[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 101773] link frame style to paragraph style so applying paragraph style also applies frame style to current (or selected) paragraph

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--- Comment #5 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
"Styles" are stored in a <style:style> element in ODF. Such style belongs to a
"family". In this context the families "graphic"  and "paragraph" and "text"
are relevant. A <style:style> of family "paragraph" can have
"paragraph-properties" and "text-properties" but no "graphic-properties". But a
style of family "graphic" can have not only "graphic-properties" but it can
have "paragraph-properties" and "text-properties" too.

A <style:style> element has no attribute to link to a style other than its
parent in the inheritance chain. The properties are all directly contained in
the element. You know this from paragraph styles. They have a tab "Font" where
you can set text properties, but you cannot link to a character style.

So what would be possible is, to extend the frame style with tabs for paragraph
and text properties, which were used as default, if a property is not set in
the actual paragraph of the inserted frame.


A frame has a structure
Currently the paragraph style for the <text:p> element is "Frame Contents" as
default. We can make it user defined, but it can only be stored in user
settings, not in the file.


The workflow contains the steps "convert an existing text into a frame" and the
other way round "convert a frame into an ordinary text". That is independent of
styles and has no effects on file format. Such enhancement of the UI would be


@Zenaan: For your use case and a quick solution, I suggest you write a
paragraph and a marginalia frame with all the needed style settings and then
generate an AutoText from it. For the AutoText you need to select till the
start of the paragraph, which is after the paragraph, to which the frame is

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