[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 118594] impossible to specify relative file link including URI's like file: or run:

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--- Comment #23 from muso <uwestoehr at web.de> ---
> Unpack the file and run the included presentation. I hope it will be clearer
> then.
Thanks you for your file but it shows again the bug as I described it:

- take your presentation and export it as PDF.
result: the link is an absolute link. Move your PDF to another folder and you
will get troubles.
expected result: the link is a relative link

- the link contains the URI "file:". For some file types one needs the URI
"run:" to assure that the linked file is executed.

So again, LO does not provide a way to create relative file links and one
cannot use all defined URIs for links.

(You might wonder why I insist on a PDF. In real life you never know on what PC
you have to hold your presentation. Many PCs don't have LO installed. With the
PDF you are always on the right side, also on Linux and Mac.)

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