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--- Comment #4 from russell <prusselltechgroup at gmail.com> ---
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I look forward to the ability to rename a color profile in Libreoffice via the
GUI. Currently I just rename the file.

Under linux the .soc file is located:

Libreoffice then creates a .pack file with the same base name under: 

However, I think the palettes installed as extensions are located under:

In addition to a Modify/Rename option, it would be helpful if the palette names
in the Colors Palette drop-down were sorted. Currently there doesn't appear to
be any sort order to the items in the list.

After reading the two blog enters below, I reviewed my color palettes and
associated files.  I have some files in my local directory with the same name
as those on the shared system, and I wondered how that worked. Both entries,
with the same name, appear in the drop-down, but in different locations in the
list. The contents of some of the files are different, and for now I thought I
would just rename the local files with a prefix until I have a better


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