[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 114924] FORMATTING - Adapt shape Width/Height to text option not available

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--- Comment #2 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
There exist several kind of drawing objects. They handle the text different. In
styles all options are available because a style can be applied to different
kind of objects. But in the direct formatting of a shape, you get only the
properties which can be actually applied (at least that should be).

Text boxes including legacy callouts have: Either "Fit to Frame" or ("Fit
height to text" and "Fit width to text"). If "Fit width to text" is not
checked, line wrap is enabled.

Legacy shapes and polygons have: "Fit to Frame" (= streching) and "Adjust to
Contour". The latter means, that the text reaches to the outline of the shape.
That is different to custom shapes, where the text is limited to the rectangle
area, which is defined in the enhanced geometry of the custom shape. You see
the difference, if you compare a legacy circle with a custom shape circle.

Custom shapes have: "Word wrap text in shape" and "Resize shape to fit text".

So you can have "Fit height to text" and "Fit width to text" in the
Position&Size dialog only, if a text box or legacy callout has been selected.

There had been a bug, that for text boxes these settings were not enabled, but
that bug is fixed in the meantime.

For me this is a "worksforme".

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