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just for info: 
"Format as Table" in Excel (2010 and more new) allows not only select a visual
style for range but also:
1. Every that "table" on sheet has its own name you can use in formulas with,
for example, SUMIF or VLOOKUP
2. "Table" automatic changes its size if you add row or column
3. In this "table" will be active autofilter by default
4. When you add rows in end of "table" then they automatic get all formulas
from previous row
5. When you add columns in "table" and enter a formula in to one cell then all
cells in this column will be have this formula automatically
6. If you scroll your "table" down, then headers (from first row of "table")
will be show in row with column number (will don't need freeze first row)
7. When you enable Total row for this "table" you can select in Total row some
different function (sum, average, count, etc.)

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