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--- Comment #2 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
Currently it is common (HTML, CSS, SVG, XSL) to use origin top-left, positive
x-axis points right, positive y-axis points down. I would never add an option
to change this in file format, because this would give large interoperability
problems and problems with existing macros without any benefit.

But file format is different from view. We have already the possibility to set
the origin in Draw different from top-left. That effects only the view. It
changes e.g. the field values in the dialogs. It is not saved to file and this
view setting is not remembered. In theory, a view with positive y-axis pointing
up would be possible. But considering the amount of changes and the risk to
oversee some effects, I argue to not follow this idea. Only if you have someone
who pays for it and someone with deep knowledge in code to implement it,
realizing such feature might work.

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