[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 121700] Can’t choose paragraph or character language from task bar

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--- Comment #11 from Cathy Crumbley <catbill76 at gmail.com> ---
The tooltip for Writer is OK (but see below). 

I suppose that the tooltip for Calc and Draw could say something such as: Text
language. Right-click to change. (Currently, either right click or left click
open the same dialog.)

However, on further consideration, just changing the tooltip does not seem like
a good option since changing the language for a whole document would only need
to be done once. It seems to me that it would be unusual for a user to decide
to change the language of the document after they have started to work on it.
Therefore, this does not seem like a good use of space on the status bar. 

Rather than change the tooltip, a better option would be to make it function in
Calc and Draw as it does in Writer. I am thinking that it might be relatively
easy but then I really don’t know.

Better still would be to simplify the dialogs in all three modules so that the
first dialog would link directly to dialogs for changing character language and
for changing paragraph language.

By the way, in looking this over, I have noticed that tooltips don't appear for
other areas in the status bar. It would be especially helpful if tooltips could
be added, especially for inscrutable areas such as those that are often empty.

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