[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 119919] Non-hidden children of hidden styles appear in top level of sidebar

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--- Comment #8 from Thomas Lendo <thomas.lendo at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Kenneth Hanson from comment #3)
> Now, I'd like to give a suggestion of my own. Include a checkbox for *all*
> views, which hides/shows hidden styles as appropriate to the view. For
> hierarchical, this would mean hiding children of hidden styles, for all
> others, it would mean hiding only the hidden styles themselves. All unhidden
> entries could be gray, italic, or whatever deemed appropriate. Then, the
> separate Hidden Style view might not even be necessary.
As there is a filter 'Hidden styles' I don't want to add a new checkbox that
also works with hidden styles. That's confusing. Keep it simple.

As I already said in comment 7, I would scrap the full hiding feature in the
'Hierarchical' filter view and the hidden styles should be shown maybe in
square bracket, italic and grey colored (but italic and colorization can come
into conflict with user color settings for that styles, hm). And these styles
shouldn't be editable. Only the 'Show' item should be visible in the context
menu of hidden styles. (If they were fully hidden the user can't edit them
anyway.) - Reason: Hiding 'bar' in foo1 > bar > foo2 to only show foo1 > foo2
in the hierarchical view doesn't reflect the dependencies and therefore this is
false and misleading.

Additional note to my suggestion in comment 1, point 4 in Kenneth's comment 6
(new context menu command to also hide also child styles): After thinking about
it I consider it problematic when doing that in all non-hierarchical filters as
the user doesn't see which styles will be affected.

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