[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 113250] UI Navigator ('floating' version, that is in docked state) in Calc doesn't have the focus immediately after opening with F5

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--- Comment #11 from Jim Raykowski <raykowj at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #10)

Hi Stuart, I was going to jump in on this one after seeing the untouched bug
notification. Thanks for the invite!

We can make the Calc version of Navigator focus on any content in Navigator on
initial showing for both the floating and docked mode. The Writer version
content tree grabs focus on initial showing. There is a side effect to this
that occurs in the sidebar which causes focus to be placed in the tree list the
first time the Navigator deck is selected. Subsequent Navigator deck selection
with mouse click does not place focus in the content tree but back to the
document in the current master at the time of this post.  

When the F5 Navigator is undocked focus is in the undocked window but since the
window itself is non active it causes a focus lock. To test this, place focus
in the Column or Row spin box when the Navigator is docked, then undocking with
Ctrl+Shift+F10. The floating/child window is not active which can be seen by
the shaded title bar. Focus is locked in the spin box. A mouse click on the
Navigator window title bar will show the cursor in the spin box or whatever
content was focused when the window was undocked.

> Sidebar -- in Calc the Sidebar instance of Navigator is well synced...
I like the Sidebar pun! but I am unsynced on the well synced thing? :-)

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